Adventure Learning at University of Idaho (AL@UI) is based in Moscow, ID and coordinated by Dr. Brant G. Miller and Dr. R. Justin Hougham.  This project represents the cutting edge of technology, education, and adventure- we are seeking support from teachers, educators, students and the community in following this adventure.  AL@UI would not be possible without the key support of the McCall Outdoor Science School (MOSS), the College of Education and the College of Natural Resources.  And of course, it would not be possible without schools, teachers and students -We need YOU to help us ask and answer the question: Where will you AL@?

AL@MOSS engages the AL framework and the students that attend sessions at MOSS through daily Trail Reports that student teams fill out.  These are then posted on the AL@MOSS site for the visiting school- connecting teachers, schools, communities, and parents to the exciting work students are doing during the week.  It is also a space where visitors to the site can comment on the work that is happening, students will be checking for this daily.  

Adventure Learning (AL) has impacted millions of students throughout the world. The archetype AL program, GoNorth!, found great success in connecting students, teachers, and experts to expedition team members while they traveled via dogsled in circumpolar arctic locales. AL at the University of Idaho (AL@UI) builds on the foundational work done at the University of Minnesota by Dr. Aaron Doering by proving the concept of the expanded AL framework that includes local places, issues, and associated authentic narratives. The Pacific Northwest affords stunning landscapes by which AL can be explored by students and teachers for transformation learning.

The Adventure Learning framework is being implemented in a variety of exciting projects at the University of Idaho, ranging from wilderness field science to climate change education. AL@UI expeditions began in 2011, with several sites scheduled to come online for 2012. Expeditions will be named using the location or theme that inspires the work and then followed with a number. In the example of the AL@UI: TWRS 0.2, TWRS stands for Taylor Wilderness Research Station, the location of the Expedition. ’0′ indicates a pilot year (subsequent years would follow chronologically) and ‘.2′ refers to the season of the year that the adventure occurred in- 1: Spring, 2:Summer, 3:Fall and 4: Winter. So, AL@UI: TWRS 0.2 refers to a pilot project in the summer that takes place at the UI Field Station TWRS. In future and continuing expeditions, this will help teachers, students, and researchers locate data quickly from past project efforts.

*Please note, comments left on this site may be used as qualitative data to inform the expedition team on the effectiveness of the AL@UI site and AL framework.


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